Duck Ugly is a West Coast based collaboration and balancing act of two artists, an optimist and a pessimist. Together they strive to create an ever evolving caricature of beauty and its adversary. Emphasizing imperfections and adjusting perspectives, Duck Ugly hopes to create a new lens through which "ugly" is a wearable and comedic visual art. Looking at both the form and ideologies of beauty, we find beauty to be nothing more than a collection of flaws in a flattering light. Duck Ugly offers a rebellious attitude and fresh take on an old lesson: Even a swan starts out ugly.

We print our designs with eco-friendly inks on organic fabrics. In addition to our own awesome tee shirt line, Duck Ugly does design work and silk-screening upon request. If you or your company need design work or custom shirts made, contact Evan or Anthony for further information and prices. Thank you!

 Evan "Ducky" Harris
 ph: 206.708.9122

Ducky has had a passion for fashion since we was wearing matching Sylvester & Tweety Sweatsuits in kindergarten. He studied Fashion Design at Bay State College in Boston, Ma. His main goal with fashion is to change the norm of what is pretty & ugly.


ANP has been spilling his urges on paper since it made him friends in middle school. A Golden State native, he has become accustomed to the shitty drivers he encounters each day in the Great North West. He is easily influenced by his friends and the need to quit his day job.